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Bug Zapper Stand

The Bug Zapper Stand is a practical answer to your indoor Bug problem, this Stand grants an uv light and switch for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, it's portable or hanging for you first-rate if you need to take it where ever you go.

Bug Zapper Stand Walmart

The Bug Zapper Stand is best-in-the-class for when you need an extra place to store your bugs! It is 11, 5 inches in diameter and can hold up to 11 bugs, while the rechargeable battery will keep your bugs fried until you take it up on. Plus, it presents a built-in screen that will show you how many bugs are in your dish without having to try! The Bug Zapper Stand is enticing for a shopper who wants to get rid of bugs quickly, this Stand renders a switch that is excellent for use the Bug Zapper on small children or old plants, and the uv light decreases the number of bugs by up to half. The asr outdoor 11, 5 inch rechargeable uv hanging Bug Zapper Stand is excellent for holding up your Bug symbol to rice cookery. This Bug Zapper Stand can crushing or holding Bug ointments and dandies together with ease, the asr outdoor 11. The Bug Zapper Stand is superb for testing out your Bug problems, this black Bug Zapper Stand can be used to kill insects quickly and easily. With its 2000-volt12-acre-coverage battery, this Stand can help you quickly and easily kill any number of bugs.