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Fur Zapper

The 2-pack pet dog cat hair Fur remover for clothes laundry is an outstanding surrogate to reduce the amount of hair coming out of your dog's cat's hair salon, the q-tips are also terrific for softening and clean-up tasks in the laundry.

Where To Buy Fur Zapper

This item is the brush for removing lint, it is soft, effective and basic to use. The fuzz Zapper is a first-class tool for remove pet hair from clothes and accessories, it is furthermore a first rate brush to wash clothes in the washer and the Zapper is furthermore reusable. This 2-pack of Fur zappers is fantastic for removing pet hair from your laundry, the zappers are lightweight and can be used one-handed, so you can get to the source of the hair. Fur zappers are also good for remove scalp lice, eczemas and other pet hair from your clothes, the is a must-have for any cat reloading area. It remove all kinds of Fur and skin irritation from your laundry room, the double pack makes it straightforward to handle and it works with or without hair.