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Chipmunk Zapper

This electric Zapper is top-grade for killing rats and mice, it gives a humane killer touch that can be used on small animals or pets. The Zapper can be used in either direction to kill rats or mice, and provides a standard 3-foot reach, the Zapper also grants a self-destruct feature that will destroy any rat or mouse, regardless of size.

Chipmunk Zapper Ebay

The Chipmunk Zapper is a powerful, yet effortless to adopt electric Zapper that can kill pests like mice and rats, the Zapper is new and grants a new design that makes it straightforward to use. The Zapper is moreover waterproof and can be used in the rain or snow, this is an electric mouse trap that kills mice, rats and rodents. It is produced of plastic and grants a hot lead, the trap can be used on house pets, clones, pets, game, or anything else that can be killed with a good spanking. This is an electric mouse rat trap that will kill rats and keep them in your house! This Zapper is designed to control rats and make their life much easier, it is an outstanding addition to your home and peerless for pest control. The Zapper is an extra large electronic rat Zapper that kill instantaneously, this Zapper is upgraded extra large electronic rat Zapper that kill instantly ultra-high that offers been extra large that is exquisite for small apartments, houses, and businesses that need to kill rat populations quickly and easily.