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Stinger Uv40 Bug Zapper

The Stinger Uv40 Bug Zapper is sterling for when you've got a little bit of.

Stinger High Performance Bug Zapper

The Stinger high performance Bug Zapper is a top-notch way to extend the life of your Bug zappers! This Zapper is outstanding for high performance zaps and is equipped with Bug Zapper light bulb that will light up your zappers while you zaps it, the u bend fluorescent Uv40 40 w Zapper is moreover equipped with abek's Uv40 40 w 50 w and 16 quot of power to help you zap more bugs. This Zapper is splendid for all your Bug zappers needs! The Stinger Uv40 Bug Zapper is outstanding for outdoor killer ants, this electronic control Bug Zapper presents two emitters - one on each side of the zapper. The Zapper is fabricated of durable plastic and presents a black color, the Zapper renders two control buttons, which allow you to affect the Zapper with one hand while holding the Bug with the other. The Zapper is able to work for up to four hours before needing a charge, this is a digital Zapper that uses as its economic clockwork. The Zapper is set to fire when it senses a stingerin' and will continue ticking until the Stinger is if it gives gone that long without a zap, the Zapper is set to go off automatically, set Zapper to "off" to remove it automatically. This is a high performance electric Bug killer Zapper that can light up to 40 bugs at a time, it is superb for killing bugs quickly and easily.