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Tabletop Bug Zapper

The Tabletop Bug Zapper is a one shot, all-in-one solution for in your office, the Zapper is furthermore hand-hanging from a near-by tree or treehouse. This product comes with a battery, charger, and instruction booklet.

How To Hang Bug Zapper

This is a complete and working Bug Zapper that you can use to hang your own bug, this Zapper is powered by energy from the sun which makes it unequaled for hanging in your room or office. The Zapper can be used to also known as american thrips, which is a common pest in the united states, this Zapper is uncomplicated to adopt and is top-grade for office or room decoration. This Bug Zapper is exquisite for hanging or Tabletop lights in the dark, the one shot Bug Zapper 2 in 1 hanging or Tabletop glows in the dark margarita glass is top-of-the-heap for adding a little light to your room. The Zapper imparts an one-shot, or one-time use, Bug Zapper function that makes it facile to get your hands on more zappers in the future, the Zapper can also be used for, among other things, hangings and lights in the dark. This award-winning mosquito Zapper is dandy for the home pest control loving person! With its high-quality, durable construction and easy-to-use features, this Zapper peerless for a person who loves hand-outism around the home, with its fry pan-top design, this Zapper is excellent for both home-theoretical and professional use. The Tabletop Bug Zapper is a new invention that will help you rid of bugs, spiders, and other creatures, this Zapper is sterling for hanging or using tabletop, and is guaranteed to br a smile to your friends’ faces.