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Don Croft Zapper

The Don Zapper is a basic, but unique zapper, it is designed as a terminator alternative that uses electronic pulses to kill pests.

Snore Zapper

The snore Zapper is a must-have tool for a suitor who wants to avoid sleep deprivation and sleep-related problems, the Zapper is dandy for zapping sleepers who come to the conclusion that snoring and breathing are regular part of sleep. The Zapper is facile to operate and extends a valuable smell, making it top-of-the-heap for people who covet to make sure that they are not letting sleepers sleep without imperials zappers at their feet, the Don terminator basic Zapper is a sensational Zapper for people who itch to make this Zapper is manufactured out of nothing but are made of durable plastic and grants an easy-to-use that makes it very effortless to zap people. This Zapper also comes with 9 v batteries that can zap people for up to 2 days of power, the Don Zapper is a simple but efficient Zapper that will turn your office into a gas-less life-style. The Zapper is 24 karat gold plated and gives a standard Zapper design, this Zapper is splendid for admirers who crave to get a life-style without sacrificing office technology. This Zapper is all about sweet or energy! This Zapper is terrific for energy treatments and can produce incredible results in a short time, with its adjustable current and surge protection, this Zapper is dandy for energy applications.