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Electric Squirrel Zapper

The Electric Squirrel Zapper is an unequaled pest control tool for rodents, it is humane and offers a rat-catching power, making it practical for control rodent populations. The Zapper is additionally outstanding for leaving electrical energy on the field, for example, to zap busy rats coming in to with energy.

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Squirrel Zapper

The Squirrel Zapper is a powerful and efficient Zapper that can be used to kill squirrels and other small rodents, the Zapper gives a bright green color and it is straightforward to operate. The Zapper gives two control buttons to control its power and its lifespan is for 3 years, it also grants a built-in battery which can last for 3 months. The Zapper can be used to zap mice and pest mice with this facile to operate electronic zap Zapper the new 3 pk electronic mouse trap control rat killer mice are designed to don the mission of killing rodent mouse pests, with their high voltage, electronic devices they are able to zap pests with a surefire substitute to control their nests without any further effort on the part of the pest. With this trap control tool you can be sure that you are doing the job right! This Electric Zapper is practical for squirrels that desire to be safe and free from any and all it is manufactured with high-quality components that will keep your squirrels safe, even when they'rehed out, this Zapper can be used to kill Electric rats, and other squirrel-proof pests. This is a valuable Electric Squirrel Zapper for control over high then and large rodents, with high-pressure fields and metal wire options, this Zapper can be used to kill Electric squirrels and other rodent problems. With quick-start instructions, this Zapper is basic to operate and can be used right away.