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Liba Bug Zapper

The Bug Zapper is a sterling alternative to stop the spread of pests while keeping your home organized and siege and gnat control, the Zapper is basic to adopt and is unequaled for uses such as Bug and gnat control, indoor Bug zapper, glass Bug zapper, and fly pest bug.

ASPECTEK, LIBA Bug Zapper Replacement Bulb 10W 20W Electronic Bug Zapper 13 inch

Liba Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer

The Bug Zapper and electric indoor insect killer is a first-class addition to your home gear, this unequaled little Zapper can be attached to your wall or ceiling and will kill eggs, bacteria, and flies while protecting your home from other dangers. The Bug Zapper and electric indoor insect killer is first-class for suitors pesky bugs, and will protect your home from other dangers, with its powerful energy and easy-to-use features, the Bug Zapper is a best-in-class addition to your home gear. The is an electric indoor Bug Zapper that can be used to kill flies, gnats, and mosquitoes, the Zapper can be used in multiple sets and can be placed in a location where it can start to work immediately. The Zapper also features a built in Bug problem prevention system that helps to prevent these creatures from creating problems in your home, the Bug Zapper is an outstanding substitute to stop your Bug problems indoors. This electric insect killer eliminates Bug flies, mosquitoes, and other flying creatures, with a quick, easy-to-use learning system, this Bug Zapper is first-class for individuals who ache to get their Bug problem solved quickly. The Bug Zapper is an electric insect killer that features 10 or 20 watts of power respectively that can be used to kill bugs without any supplementary power, the Zapper also includes a replaceable bulb which can last for up to 10 times the life of the original, so you can continue to operate it with little maintenance. The Zapper is conjointly safe for use in homes, schools, and other areas where bugs are known to occur.