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Stinger Bug Zapper Bulb B4040

Introducing the Stinger Bug Zapper Bulb b4040! This fluorescent star-shaped Bug Zapper is designed to put an end to you of Bug problems, whether you're a Bug lover or just want to get a little in your life, this Zapper is a terrific alternative to do so. With 40 w power and a brand-new, award-winning design, the Stinger Bug Zapper is here to put an end to your string of Bug problems.

Stinger Bug Zapper Replacement Bulb B4040

The B4040 kaz Stinger Bug Zapper light is a Zapper Bug that awaits a Bug or worm to attach themselves to you, when you are zapped, the Bug or worm will be pulled out of the Zapper and disappear. The Zapper will then turn off, but the Bug or worm will be there still, this Zapper is manufactured of biodegradable plastic and is uv40. The b4030-4 n kaz 40 w Stinger Bug Zapper is an unequaled surrogate to stop the spread of bugs and espionage, this Zapper comes with an 40 w power supply that can charge up to four devices at the same time. The Zapper also offers a consumable mode and a timer so you can set a short amount of time to kill any number of bugs, the Zapper is in like manner adjustable to suit any size of device. The B4040 Bug Zapper Bulb is a bent fluorescent uv40 light that will zap bugs with a stinger, this Bug Zapper is first-rate for suitors hunting for a Bug fixer upper. 40 w blacklight Bug Zapper Bulb lamp is exceptional for use as a light after the Bug is killed, this Bug Zapper Bulb is compliant with Bug Zapper requirements and will light up when you purchase it.