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Rodent Zapper

This Rodent Zapper is first-rate for your store! This mouse trap is enticing for controlling your Rodent pests, it is effective and humane. You'll be able to control your Rodent pests with this Rodent zapper.

Outdoor Electronic Rat Zapper

The outdoor electric mouse trap is an unrivaled substitute to stop your rat or mouse from spreading rumors and ruining you this indoor electric mouse trap is manufactured with two inch cable and a quick-release handle, making it basic to take with you wherever you go, the rat zapper® classic is a high-quality, durable Zapper that can handle all your Rodent problems. It is straightforward to operate and extends a victor control that can keep track of how many are killed by the rat zapper®, this Zapper is excellent for when you need to kill a certain number of rats, without using your knife or scissors. The electric Rodent zapper® can also be used to kill other types of animals, such as snakes, squirrels, and dogs, so you can take all the rats you want, the Rodent Zapper is an electric mouse trap that kills pests quickly and safely. It is top-of-the-line for indoor use, and features a pet safe design, the Zapper can be used as an instant kill, or to take care of pests like rats, voles, and the is a top-quality rat Zapper that is effective and humane. Our electric Rodent killer is designed to kill and mouse traps, our zappers are effective and humane, so your home can be kill the in minutes.