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Tbi Pro Bug Zapper

This powerful electric fly Zapper can kill flies up to inch in size, the Zapper extends a blue light that tells you when to charge it. The Zapper is further equipped with catching capabilities.

Tbi Pro Bug Zapper Replacement Bulbs

The Tbi Pro is a powerful electric indoor fly Zapper that can kill flies, flies, and spiders, the Tbi Pro Bug Zapper is a convenient trap catcher that works with the Tbi Pro power to be able to kill flies, the Tbi Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use Bug Zapper that will destroy pests quickly and efficiently. The Tbi Pro is an outstanding product for keeping your home safe and your loved ones safe, it can zap bugs and viruses without even being on your have to wear it all the time. Tbi Pro is an unique Bug Zapper that allows you to personalize your own personal this machine is best-in-the-class for folks who desiderate to keep their home safe and their loved ones safe, the Tbi Pro is a powerful electric indoor fly Zapper that can catch and kill bugs and pests. It is further a sterling trap catcher killer, it is exceptional for use in businesses, homes, or any location where Bug or pest control is needed.