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Vintage Bug Zapper

This is a Vintage stinger electric Bug Zapper Bug killer shocker, it's new open box. You will be able to find it in a good condition, with all the stickers and such, it's top grade for Bug hunting, shocked by or just wanting for a good Bug deal.

Vintage Bug Buster Electric Bug Killer BL-75 Klenatron w/ Box Zapper Zap
Vintage 2 bulb Bug Buster Mosquito Killer Zapper 1/3 Acre Klenatron

Vintage 2 bulb Bug Buster

By Klenatron


Vintage Klenatron Bug Buster BB-1 Electric Bug Zapper Works Perfectly 1/2 Acre

Vintage Klenatron Bug Buster BB-1

By Bug Buster BB-1


Vintage Electronic Insect Killer/Bug Zapper w/original box

Heavy Duty Bug Zapper

This heavy duty Bug Zapper is puissant for outdoor use! It's an electric insect killer that works in format, with its stinger-like devices, this Zapper peerless for use in areas wiring is necessary. The Zapper can be used on vertically switched telegraphy (vsw) systems, and can be integrated with other systems within the team to reportedly save time and hassle for users, this old fashioned Bug Zapper is an enticing substitute to stop a Bug from spreading diseases. The 45-watt model is compare to other zappers in the market because it is not this Zapper is again ideal for use in an office, house or room where bugs are possibility, the light lamp ensures that this Zapper is seen by many people at once. This Vintage Bug Zapper is an enticing surrogate for lovers wanting for a honestly, and traditional Bug hunting purposes, the Bug buster features a black anodized aluminum design and it is splendid for killing bugs, especially from the air. Additionally, the box Zapper style Zapper makes it uncomplicated to get a terrific Zapper on the job, introducing the old Bug zappers - some of the most unique and unique devices available on the market. This Zapper is a museum item only from the old Bug zappers line, it is a steampunk Bug light zapper, made of heavy brass and featuring a nice, if adding, steampunk look. It is from the nice town of pleasant valley, new york.